What is this about?

I’ve been in technology since 1992(?) and have found that many people I’ve worked with didn’t always take the well-traveled paths to get where they are in their careers. Those are the stories I’m interested in hearing – what roads, paths, and alleys have you taken to bring you to your best place so far.

Made me realize…

As my daughter began her college career, she started asking me questions about the different roles that exist in technology and other careers. As I answered her questions, I realized that some roles don’t have curriculum as clearly defined as others. That idea led me to these discussions with people, and I’m sharing them here with the hopes that others will find the conversations interesting and useful.

Next Steps…

Share your story….If you’re interested in sharing your story of the path you took I’d love to add it to the list!

Dude behind the idea

Like many other people, I started down one path and ended up on another. I studied business finance in school, so that’s where I started my career, but that’s not what I’m doing today.

Tripp Meister


I’m one of the people that didn’t follow a degreed path into technology.